Help your loved ones medical needs.
The right way!

The solution Diaspal what is diaspal?

Diaspal responds to the need to ensure that the money sent to love ones is used for the initial purpose of the transfer, removing the recipient's ability to divert it to another use. The sum is sent as a unique code that the recipient will submit to a Diaspal approved patner who will be able to login and cash the amount against a good or a service.Diaspal is available on your Playstore or App Store, download the app for a fluid and friendly experience.

Why use Diaspal?

Diaspal is unique, the only one to guarantee the destination of funds, to notify you as soon as they are used and to manage the balance until credit is exhausted. Thanks to our low transaction costs, the recipient receives more money than during a traditional transfer. Simplicity, once the code-coupon received, go directly to the Diaspal approved pharmacy.

Diaspal is available for mobile on your playstore, you can download for easy and safe use, we offer a wonderful user-friendly so there will no stress.

Watch a short demo and find out how to use.